Get 1 on 1 soccer coaching in Adelaide with coach Emily Condon!

Many training sessions within clubs, clinics, and academies heavily focus on the tactical aspects of the game, often neglecting technical ability and foot skills. This lack of emphasis on individual skills raises questions about how players can develop creativity and adapt to various styles of play. Whether transitioning from club to national level or moving between different teams, the ability to adapt is crucial.

What sets players apart is their capacity to adapt and influence the game positively.

Enhancing your foot skills and understanding when and how to execute them can bring a new dimension to your game. This improvement contributes to thinking like a soccer player, enabling you to anticipate plays and make correct and effective decisions.

The capability to make swift, accurate decisions, maintain ball control under pressure, take on opponents, read the play, and create time for yourself on the ball has been instrumental in my success on the pitch at high levels. I attribute this success to learning these skills from a young age and dedicating extensive hours in the backyard practicing my foot skills, all while benefiting from the guidance of a professional skills coach.

Personalised Private Soccer Coaching For Boys And Girls In Adelaide

We focus on the technical side of the game that makes you a stand out on the field!

Do you have what it takes to beat players 1 on 1?

Do you have the skills to create space for yourself in tight areas?

Is your first touch able to set yourself up for the next action?

Are you able to adapt and make decisions quickly?

Allow yourself to be the best player you can be. Come and learn the skills I was taught and still use so you can achieve your goals and impact the game in a way no one else does. Make yourself stand out and be a different player.

I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to you.

How The EC Advantage Soccer Academy Works:

We focus on drills that will help you master the ball and run circles around your opponent!

  • Ball mastery
  • Sharp on-the-spot moves
  • 1 on 1 moves
  • Cut turns
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting
  • Passing & receiving
  • First touch
  • Scanning
  • Body positioning
  • Field positioning awareness

Our objective is to get as many touches on the ball as possible, as you may not get this during club trainings.

Allowing yourself an additional skills session will help aid your game and make sure you are ready to go and sharp on the ball.


Free Trial:

For a limited time, Emily is offering a complimentary 1 on 1 soccer coaching session. This provides you with the opportunity to determine if 1 on 1 soccer coaching is the right fit for you.

Option 1: 1 on 1 Soccer Coaching

60 mins – $99 per session

Option 2: 2 on 1 Soccer Coaching

60 mins – $149 ($74.50 each)

Save $24.50 each


Adelaide University of Sports Playing Fields, West Beach, SA