Personal Training In Torrensville / Adelaide With Emily Condon!

Emily helps athletes develop through specialised and individualised private coaching sessions to maximise their on field performance. 

At EC Advantage, we work personally with our clientele to help them achieve their goals. We prioritise working with the individual first and the athlete second. Our aim is to have everyone functioning optimally as humans before introducing sport-specific movements.

The goal of EC Advantage is to empower you to be your best. This involves tailoring our approach to your unique needs, focusing on your sport, and addressing the movements and positions encountered during a game. This ensures that you stay injury-free, move efficiently and safely, and can generate high amounts of power with sustained efforts during your sport.

Empowering you to become stronger, fitter, faster, and more powerful, all while cultivating resilience as an athlete.

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to play for my country in the sport I love. I have been through the ranks of State Teams, Young Matildas, Adelaide United, and Matildas. One of the major differences between these levels and club-level soccer is the physical strength and ability you encounter from the demands of the training environments, style of play, and opponents you play against. In accordance with this, I have been a part of many different strength and conditioning programs that have prepared me to play at this level and maximize my performance on the field.

I now want to use my experience to help close the undeniable gap in the physical strength and ability between these different levels and better equip individuals to progress to the next level and competitively compete at their best.


  • Movement efficiency
  • Force absorption and production
  • Technique
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Hypertrophy
  • Sport-specific functions

How It Works:

Part 1: Assessment Session

The initial gym session serves as an assessment for the following:


  • Movement patterns
  • Core function and strength
  • Jumping and landing technique
  • Single-leg hops – lateral and medial, zigzag
  • Acceleration & deceleration
  • Lateral running

Part 2: Gym Sessions

Our primary focus is addressing the unique needs of our clients, aiming to develop strong, powerful, efficient, and resilient athletes. This approach not only enhances on-field performance but also plays a crucial role in injury prevention.

  • Sessions tailored to the individual
  • Programs adaptable and responsive to each client’s profile
  • Strong emphasis on maintaining proper technique
  • Education on the significance of strength training
  • Clear understanding of the “WHY” behind each exercise and its relevance to your sport or daily life
  • Empowering you to command a presence on the field!

Throughout each session, every minute is dedicated to adding value and providing insights that contribute to your overall excellence.


Free Trial:

For a limited time, Emily is offering a complimentary assessment session. This provides you with the opportunity to determine if 1 on 1 personal training is the right fit for you.

Option 1: 1 on 1 Training

60 mins – $85

Option 2: 2 on 1 Training

60 mins – $100 ($50 each)

Save $35 each


Unit 7/65 Stephens Ave, Torrensville SA 5031