Online Soccer Coaching With Former Matildas Player Emily Condon!

EC Advantage Soccer Academy offers personalised 1 on 1 soccer coaching online.

Train in your own time, wherever you are!

Welcome to our Online Soccer Coaching platform, where we bring the expertise of our renowned soccer training directly to you, no matter where you are on the globe. At EC Advantage, we are committed to providing unparalleled virtual coaching sessions that cater to players of all levels.


Our 1 on 1 Online Coaching program is designed to elevate your soccer skills from the comfort of your own home. We cover a comprehensive range of aspects crucial to your development as a player, including ball mastery, sharp on-the-spot moves, 1 on 1 techniques, cut turns, dribbling proficiency, shooting accuracy and first touch refinement. These meticulously crafted sessions aim not only to enhance your technical abilities but also to instill the strategic insights necessary for success on the field.

The beauty of our online platform is the flexibility it offers. You can access our coaching sessions at your own convenience, allowing you to tailor your training schedule to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to refine specific skills or a newcomer eager to build a strong foundation, our Online Coaching is your gateway to unlocking your full potential as an athlete. Join Emily on this virtual journey, and let’s shape your soccer success story together.

How Emily’s Online Soccer Coaching Works:

Once you have decided that EC Advantage’s Online Soccer Coaching and Online Personal Training is for you, then you will be given access to an app called TrueCoach.

Within the app you will have access to your personalised workouts and trainings on there. There will be video demonstrations and written descriptions for each exercise.

You’ll have the option to upload your own training videos for review if you wish. The first week will focus on strength testing so Emily can get an understanding of where you are at currently with upper, lower and core strength.

Strength training exercises can be completed at home or in the gym depending on what you have access to and what experience you have.

You will be given football drills and specific skills to work on so you can master the ball at your feet.

Once Emily gets your data from week 1, she can create a personalised program for you eg. what weights to lift, reps and sets. You can also add in endurance and speed sessions if you need or want!

It is all tailored to you depending on what time you have available, how long you want to train for, what goals you have and what days you want to train.

Who Is Suited For Online Soccer Coaching:

Boys & Girls Welcome – It’s a common misconception that Emily only works with female clients but that’s not the case.

Ages 7+ – Emily will cater to your needs depending on your age and lifestyle, whether it’s school or a full-time job.


Both Online Soccer Coaching & Online Personal Training:

Everything for only – $60 Per Week