EC Advantage Soccer Academy

Get Coaching From Former Matildas Player Emily Condon!

Adelaide United - 100 games

Emily Condon (left) celebrating her 100th game for Adelaide United

EC Advantage Is A Soccer Academy In Adelaide Providing 1 on 1 Soccer Coaching & Online Training!

We focus on drills that will help you master the ball and run circles around your opponent!

Speed Ladder – An agility drill using a flat ladder laid on the ground to enhance quick footwork, coordination, improving agility, balance and rapid direction changes essential for evasive maneuvers on the field.

Ball Mastery – Exercises focused on controlling the ball with various parts of the foot to enhance close control and confidence, developing superior ball handling, touch and control crucial for effective dribbling and maneuvering in tight spaces.

Volleys – Drills aimed at striking the ball mid-air to practice powerful and accurate shots or passes, enhancing timing, coordination, and striking technique, leading to improved scoring opportunities and pass accuracy during matches.

Cut Turns – Techniques involving sudden changes of direction while maintaining possession of the ball, sharpening agility, balance, and ball control, making it easier to evade defenders and create space.

Dribbling – Exercises focused on running with the ball at various speeds and directions while maintaining control, boosting ball control, speed and creativity, allowing players to navigate through defenders effectively.

Shooting – Practices aimed at improving accuracy, power, and technique in front of the goal, increasing scoring efficiency, shot accuracy and confidence in front of the net.

1v1 Moves – Drills that simulate one-on-one situations to develop offensive and defensive skills, enhancing individual attacking skills, defensive techniques and overall confidence to take on players during a game.

Passing & Receiving – Exercises that focus on accuracy, improving first touch, the ability to control the ball to maintain possession under pressure and then distribute the ball upon receiving it.

Our objective is to get as many touches on the ball as possible, as you may not get this during club trainings.

    Who Is Suited For EC Advantage Coaching:

    Boys & Girls Welcome – It’s a common misconception that Emily only works with female clients but that’s not the case.

    Ages 5+ – Emily will cater to your needs depending on your age and lifestyle, whether it’s school or a full-time job.


    Free Trial:

    For a limited time, Emily is offering a complimentary 1 on 1 soccer coaching session. This provides you with the opportunity to determine if 1 on 1 soccer coaching is the right fit for you.

    Option 1: 1 on 1 Soccer Coaching

    60 mins – $99 per session

    Option 2: 2 on 1 Soccer Coaching

    60 mins – $149 ($74.50 each)

    Save $24.50 each


    Adelaide University of Sports Playing Fields, West Beach, SA