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Meet Emily Condon – EC Advantage Soccer Academy Owner

EC Advantage Vision & Philosophy

Through my own experience of playing soccer at various levels throughout my career I have noticed a massive gap in the technical and physical side of the women’s game. 

From juniors to professional level soccer there is little to no emphasis on foot skills, learning how to take on players and equipping you with the skills to be able to keep the ball under pressure.

This is then just expected of you when you play at higher levels. It is very noticeable out on the field when you haven’t developed these skills. Soccer is a highly skillful game and therefore should be practiced and trained as such. 

EC Advantage’s aim is to accommodate for this missing piece in the game by offering skills coaching sessions to help aid your game.

Strength & conditioning is also often an overlooked / undervalued part of being a female athlete. Lifting weights in the gym is also commonly perceived as “being manly” or not wanting to be “bulky”. 

It is this perception that EC Advantage intends to change by bringing awareness and educating athletes of not only the importance but the necessity of strength and conditioning.

EC Advantage uses specialised strength and conditioning training techniques to maximise your performance, play at higher levels and prevent injuries.

The physical demands of playing high level soccer is taxing on the body and is therefore important that you are prepared and have the strength to withstand the load. 

Through innovative coaching sessions and personalised programming, the aim is to not only build strong athletes but also educate them so that you understand the WHY behind it. 

Our Services:

Personal Training

At Chroma Gym

Get 1 on 1 personal training with Emily at Chroma gym in Adelaide. We focus on exercises that build functional muscles that you use throughout a game such as power for short sprints, jumping to header the ball and developing the muscles that help prevent injuries!

1 on 1

Soccer Coaching

Emily provides 1 on 1 soccer training at the park in West Beach. You will learn how to take on players, controlling the ball under pressure, develop fast footwork and master the basics that make all the difference in a game

Online Soccer Training & PT

Explore 1 on 1 Online Soccer Coaching & Personal Training with Emily for a dynamic virtual experience. Unleash your potential with our accessible, effective, and convenient online training solutions.

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Introducing EC Advantage, your all-in-one fitness and football training companion! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, EC Advantage has something for everyone.

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Take your football skills to the next level with our specialised football programs, suitable for players of all levels. From strikers to goalkeeping, we’ve got you covered.

Stay ahead of the game with our extensive educational resources, providing expert tips and insights on fitness and football training.

And to fuel your journey, we offer delicious recipe packs designed for optimal performance.

Sync your account with HealthKit to effortlessly track all your health and fitness data in one place including nutrition, steps and bodyweight.

EC Advantage is your personalised fitness and football coach, guiding you every step of the way towards your goals. Download now and experience the advantage for yourself!


{Thank you for being so supportive and kind, especially when I was going through a hard time. Now that I am feeling better, I feel confident that I will be able to smash out my goals this year 😊  - India Hagenbach
{Thank you! You’re great and I continue to be amazed at the great guidance you provide. I also like the weekly check ins and how you personalise the structure for the week. Thanks also for listening to my rants about games etc 😆 - Sharon Babyack
{My online strength program experience has been really good, I’ve improved so much in the past 2 months! My strength has helped with my football a lot!!. My experience with the coach has been very effective and helpful, every time I wasn’t sure whether I was performing the exercise correctly, i would send her a video of how I was performing it and if it wasn’t correctly, she would guide me on how it’s performed and give me tips. I was able to text Emily anytime I was doing my workout or I had a question, she would reply the instinct.   - Fatima Hussain Ali
My online training experience has been good and helped me a lot, my experience with you as my coach/trainer has been great as you always check in and see how things are going very frequently.
 - Jessie Backshall
{Undergoing the strength program has been a good way of getting back into the gym. I Really enjoy the challenge of all the exercises. The coaching and program is well suited to me and helps with weaknesses in the body.   - Brandy Nicholson
{I have really enjoyed the program, the encouragement has been great and the workouts are very flexible and the workouts are directed for soccer players which is very useful, I would highly recommend this program.   - Sophia
{I have really enjoyed the program as it has been easily accessible and convenient for me to use. Emily tailored the program to suit my needs and modified it when I had issues. She has been very approachable and answered any queries promptly, and in detail.  - Jennifer Moan
It was really great and helpful because it has made me stronger and fitter and I've noticed muscle definition every where and I am now faster and better on the pitch and my asthma has improved. Emily I have really enjoyed working with you you are fun to work with and I cant think of a better person to help me with my strength and soccer and I cant wait to work with you more on my strength and soccer.
 - Lily Tubb
{It has been a great experience. I have become more determined when the exercises got difficult. I have learnt so many more exercises. You have helped me fit the program around my life. Which has saved so much stress! Haha!  - Lauren Farinola
The program and experience I have had with Emily throughout this program has been amazing and if asked I would do it again in a heartbeat. Not only has the program help me with my strength and my game but also has helped with consist and mindset. Emily was super helpful throughout the program giving helpful feedback and constantly checked in on me and how I have been going. She was also flexible with me which really helped when I was still training with my club it also was easy to do from home but still challenged me so could build muscle. It has been a great experience and I would recommend to everyone. 
 - Lily Horn
{Hey Emily, I just wanted to send a message to thank you and tell you about how amazing my experience has been with you so far in the gym. You have already helped me build my abilities so much and helped me with my self-confidence. I can’t express to you how thankful I am, but I’m excited to continue on this journey and can’t wait to see what the future brings. - Effie
{BIG NEWS! My trainer Emily Condon is a finalist for the Ch7 Small Business Young Achiever Award! Emily is honestly the most deserving person for this award and goes above and beyond to support me on and off the pitch and in the gym. She comes to watch my games, and is constantly checking in with me — even on off days to see where I’m at and what I might need help with. She has made such a great deal of impact in such a short period of time and is honestly one of the biggest influencing factors in my life. The way she carries herself and goes about anything and everything is second to none, there’s no one else l’d rather have coach me, mentor me and guide me through everything. I can’t wait for what the future holds.
{Great game Emily! We bloody loved cheering you on from Adelaide tonight!! What a brilliant game you had as a Mum, I kept thinking how proud your family must be!! I can’t even begin to explain what you’ve done mentally and physically for Zoe in the last 2 weeks. She’s totally pumped thanks to you. As a teacher myself, parents often give me feedback as to how their children have developed because of me and I often don’t even realize it. So I really wanted you to know how much of an impact you’ve made with Zoe in a very short time. She just loves soccer and your support. You are a fabulous source of inspiration to her!!! Thank you SO much. You really are an inspiration to these youngsters. And congratulations again, and again for your great game tonight! Safe trip. - Stacey (parent)
{Hey Em, Thanks for today’s session and the good laugh, muscles are feeling good afterwards! I’ve found so far that after all of my sessions I feel I have such a greater range of movement with all my muscles and limbs -this might make you laugh but when I got home after the first session we had I was jumping up and down around my house ecstatic because it was the first time in literally 7-8 months that I was actually able to move around other than walking, so I was beyond happy. - Emanuela
{Emily's training sessions have consistently enhanced my stability and movement patterns, providing a sense of security when competing at maximum speed and effort. Emily astutely identified areas for immediate improvement in my ball skills and pinpointed those that required increased strength for refined technique. Thanks to training with Emily, I now possess a clearer grasp of selecting and executing 1v1 skills. Zoe (client)
{We're amazed at the noticeable improvement in our daughter's performance. The enhanced strength and speed she's gained provide her with valuable time to thoughtfully choose and execute technical skills during games. She's developed increased strength, greater flexibility, and now maneuvers on the pitch with heightened speed and purpose. Richard (Parent)
{Emily communicates with clarity, significantly boosting my daughter's confidence and deepening her understanding of soccer strategy. Coordinating with Emily is effortlessly straightforward, and she consistently proves to be reliable, organized, and well-prepared. Anna (Parent)
{Hi Emily, felt great after today, i think trying to activate those core muscles really helped out because this afternoon i felt barely any pain in my lower back, I haven't felt this pain-free i think since I've been carrying this injury really. - Emanuela

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