Thank you for being so supportive and kind, especially when I was going through a hard time. Now that I am feeling better, I feel confident that I will be able to smash out my goals this year 😊  – India Hagenbach


Thank you! You’re great and I continue to be amazed at the great guidance you provide. I also like the weekly check ins and how you personalise the structure for the week. Thanks also for listening to my rants about games etc 😆 – Sharon...


My online strength program experience has been really good, I’ve improved so much in the past 2 months! My strength has helped with my football a lot!!. My experience with the coach has been very effective and helpful, every time I wasn’t sure whether I was performing...


My online training experience has been good and helped me a lot, my experience with you as my coach/trainer has been great as you always check in and see how things are going very frequently.  – Jessie Backshall


Undergoing the strength program has been a good way of getting back into the gym. I Really enjoy the challenge of all the exercises. The coaching and program is well suited to me and helps with weaknesses in the body.   – Brandy Nicholson